December 5 - 6, 2017

In appreciation of the efforts of law enforcement and the excellent work they do to investigate cargo crime, TAPA is hosting a silent auction of which proceeds will be donated to the not-for-profit North Carolina State Highway Patrol Caisson Unit

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol Caisson Unit Mission and Pledge
The mission of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol Caisson Unit is to serve North Carolina and its bordering states of Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia during a time of loss of fallen Emergency Personnel, North Carolina Governors, and other Incumbent Members of this State.

Our pledge is to honor and respect the families and department by being compassionate as we provide a service that will assist them through this trying time. All members of Caisson are expected to and willingly volunteer a tremendous amount of time to these families and departments.

This service symbolizes the gratitude of all citizens of North Carolina to the deceased’s family.

The Caisson Wagon
The Caisson wagon is Amish built. The Trooper’s Association purchased the wagon in September of 2006. The Caisson wagon arrived with a flat black finish, and then was taken to the State Highway Patrol body shop in Asheville, NC where it was disassembled, sanded and refinished to a museum quality finish.

The Caisson wagon is pulled by a team of four horses, preferably black in color. A team of white horses are also acceptable. At this time, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and North Carolina Trooper’s Association agree to only use back horses for this mission.