Dear TAPA Members,
TAPA is delighted to inform you that you can now download a draft copy of the Facility Security Requirements (FSR) and the Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) from the TAPA website. These draft versions will only be available for a short time as we will shortly make the final changes and publish the final approved versions in January 2020.

We are providing a draft copy to our members now so you can review the content and begin to understand what changes we are proposing to introduce.

If you wish to provide us with feedback, please click on the relevant link below, where you can access a survey form.


This feature will only be available until 6th December 2019.

About FSR 2020

  • FSR is now separated into 2 documents
    • FSR 2020 Standard - deals with the preparations for audits and the security requirements
    • FSR 2020 Certification Framework - explains the certifications options and the processes to follow to obtain FSR Certified status.
  • Includes an option to include multiple sites under 1 certification
  • Requirements for entry level for IT/cyber threat is also available as an option

To download the Draft Version of the FSR click on the following link - FSR 2020 DRAFT STANDARD

About TSR 2020

  • Introduces the new "modular" concept where users now have the choice of certifying 4 different modes of road transport
  • Optional enhancements will be available to add to the certification for those LSP's and Buyers seeking higher levels of security for
    • Vehicle monitoring/incident response
    • Lock systems
    • Vehicle/container transport by rail
    • Security escorts
    • IT/cyber threats

To download the Draft Version of the TSR click on the following link - TSR 2020 DRAFT STANDARD

Both standards will come into force on July 1st, 2020 and replace the current versions of FSR and TSR 2017. Certificates achieved through FSR/TSR 2017 will continue to be valid until the published expiry date.

If you require further information, please contact us at [email protected]

Warm Regards,

Paul Linders
TAPA World Wide Change Control Board Lead