Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission describes why the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), a not for profit organization, exists; it declares our purpose.  Our Vision outlines our hope for the future, a picture of our desired state.  Our Values are the beliefs we share in the organization.  They drive TAPA’s culture and provide a framework in which decisions are made.


TAPA’s mission is to minimize cargo losses from the supply chain. TAPA achieves this through the development and application of global security standards, recognized industry practices, technology, education, benchmarking, regulatory collaboration, and the proactive identification of crime trends and supply chain security threats.


TAPA’s vision is an international supply chain where controlled and traceable product can be transported in a cost efficient and secure environment.


TAPA values:

  • Integrity and Transparency in Everything We Do,
  • Information Sharing Between Those with Different Opinions, Backgrounds, or Experiences,
  • Owning our Standards,  Actions, and Decisions,
  • Representation and Support for all or our Stakeholders

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