Audit Providers

TAPA-approved auditors use the highest FSR standards when auditing transportation supply chain facilities. Companies in need of certification must contact one of the approved firms listed below to schedule an audit. The company requesting the audit pays all audit costs. If the completed audit results in a satisfactory score, TAPA AMERICAS will issue the appropriate A. B, or C level certificate through the auditing firm.

The certification applies ONLY to a specific facility within the transportation supply chain. A company cannot claim to be TAPA certified unless each and every facility within its transportation supply chain has a current certification.

Our authorized audit providers include:

Bureau Veritas Certification is a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification. With almost 200 years of experience, Bureau Veritas is able to support almost every organizational need you have. Whether it’s a client requirement or part of a strategic best practice for your organization, our TAPA auditors have in-depth knowledge of specific industry sectors such as transport, logistics, and security that enables them to assess and evaluate your specific physical security systems in accordance with the TAPA FSR. The Bureau Veritas mark is a worldwide recognized symbol for your organization’s ongoing commitment to excellence, sustainability, and reliability. We look forward to working with you!
Contact: Shannon Brooks
Phone: (734) 808-1575

[email protected]

SGS International Certification Services, a recognized leader in accountability management system registration, has delivered over 45,000 accredited certificates worldwide. SGS ICS provides registration services for quality, environmental, social accountability, health care, CE Mark, medical devices, automotive, telecommunication, and aerospace management systems.
Contacts: Murray Milton
Phone: (905) 364-6248
[email protected]

TÜV Rheinland North America is a worldwide leader in product testing and certification for global markets, including transportation testing and management system certification services. We provide the transportation industry with testing, inspection and certification services for compliance with applicable standards, rules and regulations. TUV Rheinland Corporation’s international network includes more than 13,300 employees in 61 countries.
 Kerry Paddock
[email protected]

DNV Business Assurance B.V.  is an independent foundation with the purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment. DNVGL Business Assurance is one of the leading global providers of management system certification and assessments.
Contact: Sharon Boogaard
[email protected]