Standards Lead to Solutions

When you join TAPA, you’re aligning your company or organization with an internationally recognized leader in the fight against cargo crime. TAPA AMERICAS represents
one of three primary branches of TAPA worldwide -- the other two being TAPA EMEA (Europe and Africa)and TAPA APAC (Asia/Pacific). These branches include chapters in
South Africa and Mexico, with new chapters developing in other countries plagued by cargo crime. Each TAPA branch or chapter participates in the worldwide organization
while also addressing the needs of its own regional members.

HVTT Asset Theft: A Shared Problem

HVTT (high value theft targeted) asset theft poses a major problem for many industries. Theft of electronics, pharmaceuticals, clothing, high-end foodstuffs, auto parts,
building supplies and almost any other cargo of value is a daily event in the Americas.This type of crime leads to billions of dollars in lost revenue, compromised brand
integrity, and in some cases harm to consumers. While government programs such as C-TPAT focus on keeping dangerous items out of the supply chain, TAPA focuses
mainly on the issue of theft. But because the concerns are interrelated, TAPA and government agencies work together in confronting these challenges.